flying bird botanicals organic tea

flying bird botanicals organic tea
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    Flying Bird Botanicals beautiful, delicious, nourishing teas are handcrafted in Bellingham, WA using herbs lovingly grown on organic farms here in the USA and on organic farms around the world. Following their own unique original recipes, they slowly and carefully tailor each batch to the flavor and origin of each herb, tea, and spice. 15 pyramidal tea bags

    dream catcher - Relax with this fragrant floral delight brimming with rose petals, chamomile + lavender. Enjoy at bedtime or whenever you’re feeling dreamy. - caffeine free

    chokola - Share this deliciously chocolaty, rich + spicy tea with someone you love. - caffeine free

    white lemon ginger - Delicate Himalayan silver tips + luscious white peony tea paired refreshingly with lemon + ginger. - contains caffeine

    jasmine green - An enchanting blend of fine mountain grown green tea scented + decorated with delicate summer jasmine flowers. - contains caffeine

    winter cheer - Chocolaty minty spicy goodness to warm your soul - contains caffeine
    dream catcher - caffeine free
    chokola - caffeine free
    white lemon ginger - contains caffeine
    jasmine green - contains caffeine
    winter cheer - contains caffeine