Will my flowers look just like the picture on the website?
Our arrangements are individually designed for each order & no two are exactly the same. That’s what sets a “cymbidium” arrangement apart from the rest. We make each one with loving care. The gallery you see is made up of our personal favorites with color descriptions to help define your options. We fill your order based on the color palette you’ve chosen, using the selection of blooms we have in the shop that day. You can expect our signature low and lush style unless you’ve specifically ordered a tall arrangement. And of course, we welcome suggestions to tailor your order to the occasion and to the special preferences of your recipient (favorite flower, favorite color, etc.).
What is designer’s choice?
“Designer’s choice” is music to our ears! It means you trust our creative spirit. It means “make something gorgeous.” You are giving us the go-ahead to put together an arrangement that tickles our fancy, and most importantly, is sure to bring a smile to the recipient.
What are the choices when an ordering an orchid plant? (and by the way, aren’t they hard to keep alive?)
We carry several varieties of phalaenopsis orchids in various sizes and colors. Jessica hand picks them at the Boston Flower Exchange each week. Please note if you have a particular color in mind and we will do our best to accommodate. Despite their reputation, orchids are surprisingly easy to care for and provide long-lasting blooms to brighten your home. Most orchids need water only every 2 to 3 weeks and prefer indirect light. The blooms last approximately 3 months and the plant often re-blooms after about 6 months.
What happens if the recipient isn’t home?
Our policy is to deliver an arrangement on the date you request (weather permitting) unless you specifically ask us to call first. If the recipient isn’t home at the attempted time of delivery, our driver will decide if it’s safe to leave the arrangement (usually on a front porch, at a side door, or possibly with a friendly neighbor), and we will call to notify the recipient. In cases of extreme weather (too hot, too cold, snowstorm, nor’easter… this is New England after all!) we will call to schedule delivery.
If you’re not sure if the recipient is in town, please check first or ask us to call to schedule the delivery. We usually need at least a two-hour time window that the recipient will be home. If you did not ask us to call first and a delivery is left for someone who is out of town, additional fees will apply for us to pick up and re-deliver the arrangement.
Can you deliver the same day I place my order?
Please order before 2pm for same-day delivery. We will do our best, but same-day deliveries cannot be guaranteed. If your order includes a special requirement (i.e. specific flowers, strict delivery window), please call the shop directly to make sure we can accommodate your request.
Can I send flowers or an orchid plant to another state?
Absolutely. We are part of a worldwide network of fine florists with comparable standards of design and quality. We make sure to communicate your special requests to our partners. Delivery is available to most major U.S. and international cities. There is typically a minimum of $65 for a fresh flower arrangement and $85 for an orchid plant. Please call us to place these orders.